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Benesin Gets Double Gold Medal

The Fifty Best recently held its Mezcal Tasting for 2013 in NYC. Benesing was rated one of the top mezcals by getting a well earned Double Gold Medal:


— Holds a Definitive Tasting of Mezcals–
New York, NY, (February 5, 2013) – rating the finest in wines and spirits, has turned its spotlight on mezcal. recently hosted its first Mezcal Tasting, where 11 contenders were voted for the distinguished “Best Mezcal” awards for 2013. is very pleased to announce that Benesin Añejo was awarded a Double Gold medal.

Using professional criteria, the mezcals were served “blindly” to the 17 members of the judging panel, and rated on a 1-5 point scoring system with 5 being the best. After totaling up the scores, the mezcals were ranked based on the impressions of the judges, and awarded medals based on a set range of final point scores received.

The complete ranking results, along with tasting notes, are published on website: is an award-winning online guide to fine living, featuring rated listings from on unbiased surveys and proprietary tastings judged by food, wine/spirits journalists, chefs, bartenders, and qualified connoisseurs. Adhering to strict tasting rules and rigorous methodology, achieves the highest standards of spirits evaluation.

For more information, visit:

We are pleased to announce the results of the inaugural Spirits of the Americas competition!

Best of Class Award, Spirits of the AmericasBenesin was awarded a medal in ‘Best of Class’ of the Americas. View the full list of results at the Spirits of the Americas website.

What did the Judges think?

The incredible growth in new distillers shows how interested Americans are in finding the new and novel to drink. The range and quality of products entered in the inaugural Spirits of the Americas competition, from long time and brand new distillers in North and South America, was impressive and distinctive.

-Jack Robertiello
Competition Host & Judge

How it worked

All judging at the Spirits of the Americas was by region, area, variety, style, type, vintage and age. Each spirit was judged on a 100-point basis as follows:
Appearance: max 5 points
Aromatics: max 35 points
Flavor: max 35 points
Mouthfeel: max 5 points
Finish: max 20 points
Provided the required minimum score was reached, gold, silver and bronze awards were given in each tasting category.

The ‘Best of Class’ awards were given to those spirits which achieved the highest score in their category.

About Mezcal

Although tequila is most popularly consumed in the margarita, mezcal is almost exclusively served as a shooter, with or without a lick of salt and bite of lime... Technically speaking it could be said that Tequila is a form of Mezcal, but it can not be said that Mezcal is a form of Tequila. Mezcal has a high potency and a strong smoky flavor. Distillers insist the drink has medicinal and tonic qualities. In Mexico, tribal women drink mezcal to withstand the pain of childbirth, and laborers drink it for added strength.


“Thank you for participating in The Latino Community Foundation’s Second Annual Gala, “Celebrating Philanthropy Con Sabor Latino.” We heard many positive comments from the guests who certainly enjoyed tasting your “Mezcalitas.” The uniqueness of your product…and thanks to you it was an overwhelming success!”

Viola Gonzales, Executive Director

Mezcal…Anyone? Most of us have tried a Tequila Margarita but have you ever tried a Mezcalita?…Mezcal can be enjoyed in many ways; for example: on the rocks or mixed with your favorite fruit juices. I tasted Efrain’s Passion Mezcalita which is a combination of San Juan Del Rio (or Benesin) with passion fruit, orange, peach and a hint of mint…it was delicious!

Article in Palacio Magazine, East Bay 1/15/08

New York Times Ratings: SAN JUAN DEL RIO — 96 proof — Rated as Best Value
BENESIN — 90 proof — Rated two and a half stars

Eric Asimov, New York Times ratings

The 2010 International Review of Spirits SAN JUAN DEL RIO Mezcal Blanco, Gold Medal 95 Points “Exceptional” 

Beverage Tasting Institute

The 2010 International Review of Spirits BENESIN Mezcal Blanco, Gold Medal 94 Points “Exceptional” 

Beverage Tasting Institute